Steven R. Tandberg

Author of the best selling Infusion Series

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Suspenseful, Well written

"Great book, exciting and interesting read and so hard to put it down from the minute I started reading it. I can't wait for the next book to come out to see what will happen with the characters! I highly recommend this fun, suspenseful, well written book!"

The Collection:

The Infusion Series (Volume 1)

Death in his past. Cancer in his future. Love will sustain him. Betrayal will scar him. Mortality may save him.Origins begins the adventures of Coyle, a teenager with leukemia who undergoes an experimental treatment and receives much more than he bargains for. While his body appears cured, something deeper has gone terribly wrong. The world lauds the success over cancer without knowing the consequences.

The Infusion Series (Volume 2)

Coyle’s adventure continues with new and old enemies as he struggles to find out who he truly is. His friends and family, convinced of his identity, will suffer due to past dealings with the company who claimed to cure Coyle’s cancer. Coyle will stop at nothing to expose the company before they destroy everything he holds dear.

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